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[1] – Complete beginner program [2 Day split]


Starting the series from the beginning. The first thing we’ll be making available is a 2-day split designed for beginners who have never lifted weights before.
It’s okay if you don’t like it or it doesn’t suit you; just don’t behave rudely about it.

This program was developed in collaboration with a professional athlete in my area.
You’ll notice that this program excludes squats and deadlifts. This is because, in our opinion, it’s crucial for beginner exercisers to first get their body familiarized to working out and developing core strength and muscle before moving on to more difficult exercises like squats and deadlifts, which are more challenging to perform and are somewhat geared toward people who have already been exercising.

These exercises can help you build core strength and become adapted to the feeling of lifting weights. They are also simpler to perform.

This program is divided over two days, so you would complete days 1 and 2 before taking one or two days off (depending on how quickly you recover) before repeating it.

Depending on how quickly you progress and how simple it becomes, this program should take you between one to three months before you switch.

Once you are done with this program, you should move to one of our next programs that are a continuation of this one. Our goal is to develop 4-5 programs, which should be sufficient for you to use for years.


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