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Post-exercise anabolic window


The anabolic window has long been stated as a necessity within weightlifting and exercise. Ingesting high levels of proteins and carbohydrates post-workout seems like an excellent idea because it is refueling the body after 25-30% of the body’s glycogen has been depleted; however, this idea has long been studied and multiple peer reviewed journals cannot come to an agreement.

The ingestion of a carbohydrate post workout such as a sweet potato will benefit in glycogen synthesizing—though ingesting protein alongside the carbohydrate such as a whey isolate 100% shake has been both proven and disproven in benefiting glycogen synthesis post-workout.

Furthermore, the same idea implies with protein synthesis. Studies show that ingesting protein pre-workout is sufficient in building muscle and repairing post-workout because it remains in digestion for upwards of 5 hours; therefore, ingesting protein immediately post-workout would seem redundant and unnecessary to stress about.

Overall, studies are conflicted with ideas due to too many variables with the digestion and metabolization of carbohydrates and proteins between different people—alongside the amount of insulin production within the person. Regardless, the decision to have an “anabolic window” is not backed up by science because there is no definitive agreement amongst journal articles.

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