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What is ‘roid rage’?

There is little data to establish a link between exogenous testosterone use and rage, and enough of evidence to say there isn’t one.

Effects of testosterone injections on male cognition


Injections of 200mg/week testosterone show a non-significant favorable tendency toward increased sexual behavior. Another research using the identical testosterone (as enanthate) doses revealed increases in sexual desire but not sexual activity, as well as no increase in self-reported aggressiveness.


In one research, healthy men and those with low testosterone levels who were given testosterone enanthate (200mg weekly, twice the recommended dose for hypogonadism) did not see an increase in aggressiveness. However, when impulsive measurements are taken into account, a connection emerges. A research using 600mg weekly testosterone and questionnaires of active and sedentary men and their spouses found no link between testosterone and anger.

At 200mg weekly, some studies indicate modest increases in agitation and aggressiveness (based on self-assessment).


When hypogonadic men (those with low testosterone levels) have their testosterone levels refilled, their subjective well-being and mood improve, but eugonadic men (those with normal testosterone levels) have no impact. Other research have found that subjects’ well-being has improved slightly across the board.

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