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Why can’t I gain weight?

If you’re not gaining weight, it’s because you’re not eating enough to establish a calorie surplus. You must consume more calories.

It makes no difference how much food you believe you’re consuming. It makes no difference what your TDEE calculator tells you. It makes no difference what your food logs show. It’s not enough if you’re not gaining weight or becoming bigger. You must consume more calories. You don’t need any special meals to achieve this; simply eat more of what you’re already consuming.

Keep in mind that owing to meals, urine/feces, water retention, and glycogen, bodyweight can fluctuate by up to 5 pounds or more in a day, and you should observe a pattern for at least a month before becoming concerned. It doesn’t imply you’ve lost weight or made progress just because the scale went up yesterday and down today. Also, keep in mind that you don’t want to gain weight too quickly — muscle is produced slowly even under ideal conditions, and if you eat too much excess food, you’ll merely gain weight.

If you are convinced that you are eating enough to gain weight but have not done so over a lengthy period of time, you should see a doctor, since the only other option is a condition or problem that we cannot help you with. Please reread the preceding sentence. There are just two possibilities: you have an undetected medical issue or you are undereating.

But I’m a hardgai…

You’re not.

But I have a fast metab…

You don’t.

But it’s hard to eat so mu…

Eat it anyway.

But I’m not hungry enough…

Eat it anyway.

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